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December 15th, 2000

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it, the end of this particular adventure. Finally it’s time to unpack my rucsac, take off my hiking boots and give my camera a chance to cool down. In the end, I was on the road for a total of 20 months and in that time covered 80,000km […]

Southern Peru

November 12th, 2000

We were trying to work out if he’d been bullied at school and was now trying to get his own back on the world? Maybe his wife wasn’t satisfying his carnal needs ? Or maybe it was just because he had to work on a Sunday ? Whatever the reason, the immigration official on the […]


September 7th, 2000

On 7th September I got the bus from Salta up to the Bolivian border town of Villaz√≥n and a potential border crossing problem. Why ? Because I no longer even vaguely resemble my clean-cut, short haired passport photo ? No, it was because my passport was too clean. It was only after washing my clothes […]

Bolivia, Chile & Argentina

August 14th, 2000

I’d first met Pip whilst doing voluntary work for the Parks and Wildlife commission in the Northern Territories of Australia, assessing Cycads. After that we’d met up again by chance in Perth and later, over Christmas and the New Year, in Melbourne. Since then we had both continued our world trips, with the odd email […]


August 6th, 2000

Ok, so hands up who knows where Paraguay is? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not in Africa. (What do you mean, that’s no help? What else do you want, blood ?) Give in ? Ok, let me tell you about it… Introduction The Republica Del Paraguay is a landlocked country, pretty much in the […]